Methodology for the Global Youth Tobacco Use Survey (GYST), Vietnam, 2014


Hanoi Medical University, Viet Nam


Viet Nam is a country with the highest rate of adult male smokers in the world. In 2010, the percentage
of adult male smokers was 47.4%. Each year in Viet Nam, there are 40,000 lives lost from tobacco-related
diseases. The Global Tobacco Youth Survey is an international standardized survey that has been conducted in
more than 140 countries. To provide evidence for tobacco control, Viet Nam already conducted two rounds of
GYTS in 2003 and 2007. The GYTS in 2014 is the survey’s third iteration. This paper aims to document key
methodological details and socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents included in the 2014 GYTS
in Viet Nam. This survey followed international protocol and was conducted in 13 provinces representative of
6 geographical regions. A total of 3,430 school children, aged 13 to 15 years used a standardized answer sheet
to answer 76 questions about seven tobacco-related topics, including prevalence of tobacco use, environmental
tobacco smoke, access and availability, media and advertisement, cessation, knowledge and attitudes, tobaccorelated
school curriculum. This GYTS provides valid and reliable data for monitoring tobacco use among youth
in Vietnam and is recommended to be regularly repeated.