Maturity Level of the Stigma Concept Associated with Cancer Diagnosis in the Nursing Literature

Document Type : Methodological papers


1 University of Jordan, School of Nursing, Jordan.

2 Nursing Department, Royal Medical Services, Jordan.

3 Nursing School, Zarqa University, Jordan.

4 Nursing School, Applied Science University, Jordan.


Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the maturity level of stigma as a concept in nursing and its relationship
to care provided for patients with cancer. Methods: The four principles of Morse and his colleagues were used to
evaluate the maturity level of the stigma concept: epistemological, logical, pragmaticl, and linguistic. Analysis was
conducted with the literature published between 2006 and 2016. Results: The findings of this study suggest that the
concept of stigma in nursing is immature, defined inconsistently, and measured with different instruments. How stigma
is defined can influence nurses in their assessment of patients with cancer and identification of their needs. Conclusion:
Although extensive studies have been conducted in the field of mental illness, it is only recently that the effect of stigma
on treatment of cancer patients has attracted attention. Thus, substantial work yet needs to be done to understand the
breadth and scope of stigma impacting on individuals with cancer.


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