Possible Synergistic Interactions Among Multiple HPV Genotypes in Women Suffering from Genital Neoplasia

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Department of Molecular Biology, Research Center of Health Reference Laboratory, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, Iran.


Objective: Persistence of HPV infection is the true cause of cervical disorders. It is reported that competition
may exist among HPV genotypes for colonization. This survey was designed to establish the multiple HPV genotype
status in our community and the probability of multiple HPV infections involvement. Methods: All multiple HPV
infections were selected for investigation in women suffering from genital infections referred to private laboratories
in Tehran, Iran. A total of 160 multi HPV positive specimens from cervical scraping were identified by the HPV
genotyping methods, “INNO-LiPA and Geno Array”. Result: In present study, HPV 6 (LR), 16 (HR), 53 (pHR), 31
(HR) and 11 (LR) were included in 48.8% of detected infections as the most five dominant genotypes. HPV 16 was
detected at the highest rate with genotypes 53, 31 and 52, while HPV 53 appeared linked with HPV 16, 51 and 56
in concurrent infections. It appears that HPV 16 and 53 may have significant tendencies to associate with each other
rather than with other genotypes. Analysis of the data revealed there may be some synergistic interactions with a few
particular genotypes such as “HPV 53”. Conclusion: Multiple HPV genotypes appear more likely to be linked with
development of cervical abnormalities especially in patients with genital infections. Since, there are various patterns
of dominant HPV genotypes in different regions of world, more investigations of this type should be performed for
careHPV programs in individual countries.


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