Clinical Presentation and Treatment Options for Clear Cell Lung Cancer: University of Cincinnati A Case Series and Literature Review of Clear Cell Lung Cancer

Document Type : Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


1 Department of Hematology- Oncology, Vontz Center for molecular studies, University of Cincinnati, OH,USA.

2 Department of Pathology, University of Cincinnati, OH, USA.


Clear cell carcinomas are common finding in renal, ovarian and uterine carcinomas. However, clear cell lung
cancer (CCLC), first described by Liebow and Castleman in 1963, is considered an extremely rare variant of lung
tumors. The 2011 WHO classification of lung tumors considered CCLC as a rare cytologic feature of squamous cell
or adenocarcinomas. It is no longer recognized as a formal subtype, albeit it can be referred to in the pathological
diagnosis as “with clear cell features” even with marginal fractions of the tumor cells. Such recognition is needed
since the variation in clinical features and outcome in this subset of patients. The disease has a clinically vague natural
history, is characterized by slight female predominance and is often seen in the elderly. As frequently encountered with
rare diseases, its clinical course and treatment options have many questions still yet to be answered. In this paper, we
review both the natural history and treatment options mentioned in literature, in the light of our experience by reporting
a case series of four patients diagnosed with CCLC and highlight their aspects.


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