Estimating Premature Mortality Cost of Cancers Attributable to Obesity in Indonesia

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Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia.


Obesity is one of the risk factor of non-communicable diseases, one of them is cancer. It may lead to the escalation
of mortality. Indonesia is the top 10 country with the highest prevalence of cancer burden due to obesity. The chance
of cancer caused by obesity is estimated epidemiologic descriptive and prevalence-based estimation with obesity
attributable cancer mortality and Premature Mortality Cost as indicators. Obesity-related cancer mortality is calculated
by multiplying Obesity Attributable Fractions (OAFs) rate by cancer death rate, which OAFs rate obtained by calculating
obesity prevalence data and relative risk of each disease. Premature Mortality Cost was calculated by multiplying
obesity-related cancer mortality, life expectancy, and Indonesian average income. The highest total mortality’s rate
for obesity-related cancer and overweight-related cancer are colon cancer (929 deaths), ovarian cancer (599 deaths),
and pancreatic cancer (190 deaths). The highest value of Premature Mortality Cost are IDR 61,118 million for ovarian
cancer, IDR 56,651 million for colon cancer, and IDR 15,472 million for pancreatic cancer. The estimation of cancer
burden due to obesity shall be done to help the government determines the health programs and decrease the number
of cancer burden due to obesity in Indonesia.


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