Using Citation Context to Improve the Retrieval of Research Article from Cancer Research Journals

Document Type : Research Articles


1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jeppiaar Maamallan Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai, India.

2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering,, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India.

3 School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE),VIT, Vellore, India.


Objective: In recent years, citation analysis tools provide many devices for finding or computing the citation score
or impact factor for journals. It is important for the researchers to identify good journals for collecting research ideas
discussed. A journal with a good impact factor value is preferably referred to by many researchers. In this research work,
the author proposes a system for ranking journals on the basis of ideas and results cited in other papers. Methods: The
work involves the cited content extractor for extracting the descriptive features mentioned about the cited paper. The
cited content refers to the content in the article written by a citing paper and relating to the cited paper. The ranking
system uses a citation score estimator for computing the overall weight of the descriptive cited content relating to a
specific paper in the citing papers. The journal ranking system performs classification of the citation content with the
evaluation of a citation score. The work that involves the citation content is classified under different categories as
positively cited, negatively cited or neutral and unrelated. Results: Then the computed citation score is used for ranking
the dealing with research on cancer research journals. The results of the ranking journals indicate that the particular
ranked journal has been cited in the literature of many journals with a good descriptive content. Journal ranking system
can be considered as a well-organized tool for ranking the cancer research scientific journal based on citation content and
citation counting. Conclusion: This experimental cancer journal ranking method increases accuracy and effectiveness
by using the citation content when compared with PageRank and HITS.


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