To Generate an Ensemble Model for Women Thyroid Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques

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VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, U.P., India.


Objective: The main objective of this paper is to easily identify thyroid symptom for treatment. Methods: In
this paper two main techniques are proposed for mining the hidden pattern in the dataset. Ensemble-I and Ensemble-
II both are machine learning techniques. Ensemble-I generated from decision tree, over fitting and neural network
and Ensemble-II generated from combinations of Bagging and Boosting techniques. Finally proposed experiment is
conducted by Ensemble-I vs. Ensemble-II. Results: In the entire experimental setup find an ensemble –II generated
model is the higher compare to other ensemble-I model. In each experiment observe and compare the value of all the
performance of ROC, MAE, RMSE, RAE and RRSE. Stacking (ensemble-I) ensemble model estimate the weights
for input with output model by thyroid dataset. After the measurement find out the results ROC=(98.80), MAE=
(0.89), 6RMSE=(0.21), RAE= (52.78), RRSE=(83.71)and in the ensemble-II observe thyroid dataset and measure all
performance of the model ROC=(98.79), MAE= (0.31), RMSE=(0.05) and RAE= (35.89) and RRSE=(52.67). Finally
concluded that (Bagging+ Boosting) ensemble-II model is the best compare to other.


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