Association between PSCA, TNF-α, PARP1 and TP53 Gene Polymorphisms and Gastric Cancer Susceptibility in the Brazilian Population

Document Type : Research Articles


1 Laboratory of Molecular and Structural Biology Oncogenetics, LBMEO, Federal University of Paraiba; João Pessoa - PB, Brazil.

2 Postgraduation Program in Health Sciences, Santa Casa de São Paulo Medical Sciences Faculty, Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil.

3 Postgraduation Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Federal University of Paraiba, João Pessoa - PB, Brazil.

4 Department of Molecular Biology, Federal University of Paraiba, João Pessoa - PB, Brazil.


Objectives: To evaluate the association of allelic and genotypic frequencies of PSCA (rs2976392), TNF-α (rs1800629), PARP1 (rs1136410) and TP53 (rs368771578) SNPs with GC susceptibility in a Brazilian population. Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study, which included 102 paraffin-embedded adenocarcinoma tissue samples > 5 years of obtention, with 204 alleles for each studied SNP. Other 102 healthy tissue samples were included as controls. For analysis, the genotyping method Dideoxy Single Allele-Specific – PCR was used. Statistical analysis was performed with the Bioestat software 5.3, determining Hardy-Weinberg’s equilibrium for the genotypic frequencies p-values < 0.05 were considered significant. Results: PSCA (rs2976392) and TNF-α (rs1800629) SNPs were associated with GC in the analyzed samples (X2=10.3/102 and p<0.001/0.00001, respectively). TNF-α (rs1800629) SNP presented also a statistically significant relationship between its genotypes and the morphological pattern (intestinal/diffuse) (p<0.032). However, PARP1 (rs1136410) and TP53 (rs368771578) SNPs were in Hardy-Weinberg’s equilibrium and, therefore, were not significantly associated with GC in these samples (X2=0.73/2.89 and p<0.39/0.08). Conclusions: PSCA (rs2976392) and TNF-α (rs1800629) SNPs are potential molecular markers of susceptibility to GC development. PARP1 (rs1136410) and TP53 (rs368771578) SNPs were not associated with the risk of GC development.


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