Frequency of Zygosity in Jak-2 Positive Patients with Polycythemia Vera-Pakistan’s Perspective

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1 Department of Hematology, Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan.

2 Department of Molecular Pathology, Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan.

3 Department of Statistics, Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan.


Background: Estimation of JAK2V617F mutational load in Polycythemia Vera (PV) helps to determine the severity of the disease phenotype, the risk of thrombotic events, progression to post-PV myelofibrosis and survival. Amplification Refractory Mutation Screening (ARMS) PCR or Allele Specific (AS) PCR is a simple easy method with a reasonable sensitivity for screening of zygosity.The purpose of this study was to see the frequency of disease burden and phenotypic characteristics in Pakistani patients diagnosed with JAK2V617F mutation positive PV. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study using non probability consecutive sampling was conducted at Hematology Department, Liaquat National Hospital Karachi from October 2018 to July 2019.Adult newly diagnosed JAK2V617F positive PV patients of either gender were included. Patients’ demographics, clinical characteristics and baseline CBC were noted. JAK2V617F zygosity was qualitatively analyzed by ARMS-PCR technique. Age and gender were stratified to see to see the result of qualitative and quantitative effect modifiers on these patients using Chi Square and fisher exact test as appropriate while mean comparison was done by independent t-test and one way ANOVAtest. P value of ≤0.05 was considered as significant. Results: Fifty one patients were included in the study with an average age of 59.60±14.29years.90.2% of patients had hypertension.All patients tested positive for heterozygous state. Significant association of gender was found with smoking (p=0.001) while age was significantly linked with hypertension (p-0.033). Conclusion: JAK2V617F positive PV patients are mainly heterozygous males showing significant association with smoking and hypertension. ARMS-PCR is a robust technique to determine zygosity which can be used for screening purposes.


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