The Effective Control of Hyperuricemia in Cancer Patients: A New Recombinant Conjugated Variant of Urate Oxidase

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1 Enzyme Technology Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry, Genetic and Metabolism Research Group,Pasteur Institute of Iran, Tehran, Iran.

2 Department Medical Genetic, School of Medicine, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


Objective: Management of hyperuricemia is crucial to controlling tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) during cancer therapy. Urate oxidase (UOX) that catalyzes the enzymatic oxidation of uric acid into allantoin, is effective in lowering plasma uric acid levels and controlling hyperuricemia. Recently, we developed a new recombinant conjugate variant of UOX therapeutic drug using PASylation technology. This study was designed to evaluate the stability, plasma half-life and immunogencity of PASylated UOX. Methods: A recombinant variant of PASylated UOX from the Aspergillus flavus was manufactured using bioinformatics and experimental techniques. Ex vivo evaluation of stability of PASylated UOX was done in 50% human serum. For half-life test, recombinant PASylated UOX and rasburicase were administered at 1.5 mg/kg to 10 rats in two different groups and samples were collected after injection Production of antibodies against PASylated drug was also assayed. Results: Residual activity of PASylated UOX in 50% human serum was higher than rasburicase and native UOX. Stability of PASylated UOX at 25°C and 37°C was also higher than rasburicase and native UOX. The PASylated half-life was ~32.1 hours, whereas half-life for rasburicase and native UOX was ~25.1 and ~22.8 hours, respectively. In immunogenicity examination, there is 33% and 36% decrease in the absorbance of native UOX and rasburicase, respectively when compared with that of PASylated UOX. Conclusion: Our data confirmed the efficacy and stability of PASylated UOX in comparison to the rasburicase. In summary, the results indicated that PASylated UOX drug is effective at lowering plasma uric acid levels with prolonged plasma half-life and decreased cost.


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