Efficacy of Premedication Protocol without Ranitidine for Taxane Regimen: A Multicenter Non-Randomized Historical Controlled Study

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1 Division of Medical Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, Buddhasothorn Hospital, Chachoengsao, Thailand.

2 Vibharam Amatanakorn Specialized Cancer Hospital, Chonburi, Thailand.

3 Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Buddhasothorn Hospital, Chachoengsao, Thailand.

4 Medical Oncology Clinic, Medical Department, Vibharam Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

5 Department of Surgery, Buddhasothorn Hospital, Chachoengsao, Thailand.


Objective: To study the efficacy of the prevention of immediate hypersensitivity reactions (HSRs) from omitting ranitidine in the premedication protocol in patients who had chemotherapy with taxane regimen. Methods: This was a Multicenter, Ambispective Non-Randomized Historical Controlled Cohort Study. The incidence of HSRs in the patients who had the modified premedication without ranitidine were collected to compare with the historical group who had the standard premedication protocol with ranitidine. The relationships of each HSRs in the experimental group were compared with the historical control group using a multilevel regression analysis with the random-effects model. Result: A total of 441 patients were enrolled and analyzed in this study. 221 patients received the modified premedication protocol compared with 220 patients who received the standard premedication protocol in the historical group. HSRs were observed in 6 of 768 cycles of chemotherapy (0.78%) in a group of patients with the modified premedication protocol. Moreover, it was found in 4 of 761 cycles of chemotherapy (0.52%) in a group of patients with the standard premedication protocol. When comparing the relationship of the HSRs incidence between the groups using multilevel regression analysis with the random-effects model, there were no differences with a statistical significance (regression coefficients = 0.008, p-value = 0.30). Conclusion: The results of the study comprised evidence-based medicine supporting the safety of omitting ranitidine from the premedication protocol for the patients who had a taxane regimen and had a similar rate of HSRs to the use of ranitidine.


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