A Legal Approach to Cancer Epidemiology in Public Health

Document Type : Short Communications


Department of Health Science, Dongduk Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea.


The Public Health Act encompasses scientific research and law enforcement as causes, distributions, and preventive factors for diseases and injuries of a particular population. Today, the Public Health Law is growing into a field that expects to cultivate and utilize lawful practitioners who can apply specialized legal skills in health policy development and public health performance. The multidisciplinary approach of the Public Health Act integrates the legal and scientific elements of the field and the workforce, characterized by a more dynamic understanding of the health impact of legislation and the rapid deployment of effective policies. Thus, legal health interventions that manage and treat diverse populations need to be evaluated more rigorously and quickly. In addition, funding for policy surveillance and other legislation and policy mapping needs to be more sophisticated to maximize utility and avoid duplication. This study investigated legal interventions to manage and treat various groups of populations for health and discussed the necessity of public health laws.


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