The Importance of Skin Health Promotion for Children: Care with Makeup Use and Skin Cancer Prevention

Document Type : Research Articles


1 Pharmacology and Pharmacometry Laboratory, Federal University of Pampa, Uruguaiana, Brazil.

2 Pharmaceutical Sciences Post Graduate Program, Federal University of Pampa, Uruguaiana, Brazil.


Background: Numerous pathogenic complications affect the skin and are preventable, such as skin cancer, microbial diseases, dermal irritations, and anaphylaxis. In this context, the correct use of skin products, including sunscreens and child makeup, is important for promoting skin health and preventing adverse health conditions. Objective: This study aimed to use educational and playful activities to promote skin health for students. Methods: This project was development in a municipal elementary school (Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil). The interventions were divided into three moments. In the first day, a questionnaire was applied to find out the students’ previous knowledge about photoprotection. On the second day, an intervention lecture was held addressing issues related to photoprotection and the use of makeup. Finally, we played educational and ludic games and after, the questionnaire was reapplied. This was done to evaluate these actions’ effectiveness regarding photoprotection and record their habits by applying a structured questionnaire at the beginning and end of the activities. Results: Students received positively and interacted significantly during all activities performed. Regarding the impact of this study, we observed that ten times more students considered using sunscreen as something important at the end of the project, as only 8.16% of participants knew what skin cancer was at the beginning of the experiment. After the educational activities, this number rose to 72.37%, and 92.86% of girls reported wearing makeup, with more than half being expired or unlabeled and only 21.6% being appropriate for child use. Conclusion: The measures demonstrated effectively improve students’ level of information regarding skin cancer prevention and indicated that inappropriate habits concerning makeup use in childhood are quite common, demonstrating the importance of educational interventions for children, since can improve your health.


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