Factors that Affect Performance of Clinical Breast Examination and Mammography Screening among Brazilian Women

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Post Graduate Program in Public Health. State University of Paraíba (UEPB). Campina Grande-Paraíba, Brazil.


Background: In the Brazilian health system, community health facilities consist of multidisciplinary teams that focus on family health, whereas health centers treat mainly illnesses of registered patients. In the present study we compared socio-economic factors and performance of mammography screening (MS) and clinical breast exam (CBE),  respectively, among women who used both types of public health service centers. Methods: The present study included 180 women aged ≥40 years, who used different health service centers within the same municipal district. Of all 180 women, 110 (41.1%) and 70 (38.9%) used a health center and a community health facility. Logistic regression analysis was performed to calculate odds ratios (ORs) and confidence intervals (CIs) of variables. Results: Regression modeling indicated that women who used the community health facility, performed annual MS 9.52 (OR= 0.105; 95%CI: 0.03- 0.36) times more often (p <0.001). In this model retirement and gynecological service use ≤ each second year, increased annual MS performance 8.16 (95%CI: 1.55- 54.32) and 7.78 (95%CI: 2.54- 23.79) times (p <0.001; p <0.001). Among 113 (62.8%) women who reported strong fear of MS, the chance of its performance was 35.71 (OR= 0.028; 95%CI: 0.02- 0.32) times decreased (p= 0.05). In a second model use of gynecological service ≤ each second year, increased chance of annual CBE performance 7.92 (95%CI: 3.25- 19.29) times (p <0.001). Women who used the community health facility performed annual and bi-annual CBE 2.90 (OR= 0.345; 95%CI: 0.14- 0.86) and 2.97 (OR= 0.337; 95%CI: 0.12- 0.92) times more often, compared to women who used the health center (p =0.030). Conclusions: Performance of MS and CBE varied both considerable among women who used different types of health service centers. Gynecological service use, fear and socioeconomic variables, additionally influenced regular performance of MS and CBE.


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