Human Papillomavirus Genotype Detection and Cytology Using a New Self-Sampling Method

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ILABO Cyto STD Laboratory, Inc, 560-6 Shimoonkata, Hachioji-shi, 192-0154 Tokyo, Japan.


Objective: High-risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV) testing using dry-type self-sampled vaginal specimens is becoming more widespread worldwide due to increased screening uptake. However, for the triage of hrHPV-positive women, a visit to a general practitioner is required for reflex cytology. This study aimed to evaluate the hrHPV detection capability of CellSoft®, a wet-type self-sampling method that also allows for cytology. Methods: Thirty-eight women aged 20 years and older were included in the study. The women self-sampled using CellSoft® after using an Evalyn® Brush. PCR-based HPV genotyping was performed on both specimens and hrHPV detection results of both devices were compared. Additionally, cytological exam was performed on CellSoft® samples. Results: Overall agreement between self-sampling devices for the detection of hrHPV in CellSoft® and Evalyn Brush was observed in 97.4% (37/38) of participants. More hrHPV genotypes were detected with Evalyn Brush than with CellSoft®. Among the 22 CellSoft® hrHPV-positive cases, 11 (47.6%) were atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance or worse. Conclusion: CellSoft® hrHPV genotype detection results were in good agreement with those of Evalyn Brush. CellSoft® provided a sufficient cell volume for HPV testing and cytological evaluation.


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