New quality assurance policy

Close to 10% of manuscripts submitted and accepted for publication in APJCP suffer a low quality of English writing which is a burden on journal’s editorial system. In order to address this, the journal’s editorial team has set up a quality control assurance policy.  Starting from July 1, 2017, all manuscripts accepted for publication will go to English language quality control assessment. Those that do not pass our required quality score will be monitored for improvement by our editorial assistants before being published. There is extra 20 US dollars charge of monitoring cost (over the processing cost). The monitoring cost is an extra cost to author and can be easily avoided if the author does a professional editing of its manuscript before submission (he or she submit a manuscript that, at least, lacks spelling error or major grammar problems). The monitoring system is not a proofreading service (the improving of English writing still remains the author’s responsibility) but it is more of a mechanism enforced by the journal to prevent publishing manuscripts with major English language deficiencies.

We advise authors to do their best to improve the English writing of their manuscript before they submit.  In addition to extra 20 dollars cost, there is a delay in publishing of manuscripts that go through this monitoring system.