Keywords = Cigarette smoking
Number of Articles: 13
1. Raising Tobacco Taxes: The Philippine Experience

Volume 21, S1, July 2020, Pages 27-31

Jo-Ann L Diosana

2. The Micronuclei Scoring as a Biomarker for Early Detection of Genotoxic Effect of Cigarette Smoking

Volume 21, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 87-92

Asmaa M Mohammed; Dalia F Hussen; Hend Rashad; Adel Hasheesh

3. A School-Based Study of the Influence of Students’ Relationship with Teachers on Their Cigarette Smoking Behaviour in Jamaican

Volume 19, S1, April 2018, Pages 7-12

Sarah N Oshi; Daniel C Oshi; Steve Weaver; Chinwendu F Agu; Patrice Whitehorne-Smith; Tana Ricketts-Roomes; Ijeoma A Meka; Tania Rae; Wendel D Abel

4. Are Adolescents likely to Start Smoking Early if Their Parents are Smokers? A Study of Jamaican High School Students

Volume 19, S1, April 2018, Pages 25-31

Chinwendu F Agu; Steve Weaver; Wendel Abel; Tania Rae; Sarah N Oshi; Patrice Whitehorne-Smith; Kingsley N Ukwaja; Tana Ricketts-Roomes; Ijeoma A Meka; Daniel C Oshi

5. The DNA Methyltransferase 3B -149 Genetic Polymorphism Modulates Lung Cancer Risk from Smoking

Volume 18, Issue 10, October 2017, Pages 2717-2723

Chung-Yu Lai; Chia-Chen Huang; Chin Hung Tsai; Jiun Yao Wang; Chih Ling Kerr; Yi Yu Chen; Yan Wei Cai; Ruey-Hong Wong