Chemoprevention by Prunella vulgaris L. Extract of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Via Promoting Apoptosis and Regulating the Cell Cycle


Chemoprevention is one feasible approach to decreasing morbidity and mortality of non-small cell lungcancer (NSCLC). The present study aimed to explore the mechanisms of chemoprevention of NSCLC by Prunellavulgaris L. (PV) using a PV extract of 60% ethanol (P-60). In an A/J mouse model benzo[a]pyrene induction oflung tumors was significantly reduced difference by P-60 group. In addition, P-60 was found to have the abilityto regulate cell cycle and induce apoptosis in SPC-A-1 cells. Therefore, we propose that P-60 has potential as alung cancer chemopreventive agent.