Effects of Health Beliefs about Mammography and Breast Cancer and Telephone Reminders on Re-screening in Turkey


Objective. To assess the effect of telephone reminders on repeat screening mammogram completion among women who have already had one or more mammograms. Methods. Seven hundred and forty women whose turn came for further mammography and who could be reached by telephone out of 1,372 women registered at a Cancer Screening and Education Center (CSEC) were studied in Erzurum, Turkey, from January to June 2008. Results. Before reminders with the telephone, of the 740 women, while only 29 (3.9%) had mammograms, after telephone reminders, approximately half of the women (46.4%) received mammograms by coming to the CSEC. Level of awareness of risk of breast cancer, intention, marital status, perceived mammography barriers were factors impacting on behavior.
Conclusion: It was found that reminding women registered at the mammography center of their appointments was effective in reinforcing behavior. Health professionals can, through reminder and guidance, reduce the level of perceived barriers related to having a mammography and secure continuityin mammography check-ups.