Risk Factors and Epidemiology of Gastric Cancer in Pakistan


Gastric cancer is the 2nd most common cause of death among all cancers and is the 4th most common cancerin the world. The number of deaths due to gastric cancer is about 800,000 annually. Gastric cancer is morecommon in men as compared to women and is 3rd most common cancer after colorectal and breast cancers inwomen. A progressive rise in the incidence rate has been observed in females over the last 5 years. The highestincidence of stomach cancer is in China, South America and Eastern Europe. The incidence of gastric cancer has20 fold variation worldwide. Global variation is linked by two factors which play important role in developinggastric cancer. One is infection with Helicobacter pylori and the 2nd is diet. South Asia is a region with low risk,despite a high prevalence of H.pylori. Gastric carcinoma is common in southern region of India. Gastric canceris more readily treated if diagnosed early. This study aims to provide awareness about gastric cancer as well asan updated knowledge about risk factors and epidemiology of gastric cancer in Pakistan.