Patterns of Cancer: A Study of 500 Punjabi Patients


The State of Punjab has been in focus because of aperceived increasing rate of cancer. Both print and electronicmedia have created an impression that Punjab, especially the cotton belt of Malwa Region, has become a highincidence cancer region. Actually the increased number of cancer patients might be at least partly becauseof increasing population and heightened health awareness and reporting. The purpose of this study is to findout the pattern of cancer amongst patients registered in Mukh Mantri Punjab Cancer Rahat Kosh Scheme(MMPCRKS), under cancer registry at Rajindra Hospital Patiala from the various districts of Punjab. The studycovers 500 cancer patients registered under MMPCRKS at Rajindra Hospital Patiala, for free cancer treatment.Information regarding age, gender, religion, method of diagnosis and affected sites was obtained. Results wereanalyzed statistically. Of the 500 patients, 65% were females and 35% were males. The most affected female agegroups were 50-54 and 60-64; while males in the age groups of 65-69 and 60-64 had the highest risk. The leadingcancers in females were breast followed by cervix and ovary where as in males they were were colon followedby esophagus and tongue. The commonest histological type was adenocarcinoma followed by squamous cellcarcinoma. The increasing trend of cancer in Punjab is alarming. Since this study is a preliminary investigation,it could provide a leading role in prevention, treatment and future planning regarding cancer in Punjab.