Effect of Peripheral Blood CD4 CD25 Regulatory T Cell on Postoperative Immunotherapy for Patients with Renal Carcinoma


Department of Urology, First People's Hospital of Baoding, Baoding, China


Objective: To investigate the effect of peripheral blood CD4 CD25 regulatory T cell on postoperative immunotherapy in patients with renal carcinoma. Methods: 38 patients with renal cell carcinoma were recruited, and 20 patients from the operation group purely underwent the radical nephrectomy therapy, 18 patients from the combined group successively underwent the radical nephrectomy therapy and IFN- adjuvant immunotherapy. Additionally, 12 healthy subjects were recruited in the same period of time and regarded as the control group. Flow cytometry was used to detect CD4 , CD8 , CD4 CD25 T lymphocyte subset content and the ratio of all parts in the pre-operative period, in the first post-operative week and in the third post-operative month, compare and analyze its variation trend. Results: The CD4CD25 T lymphocyte subset content of individual renal carcinoma patients was significantly higher than that of the control group, also increases with the progression in the tumor stage (<0.05). The post-operative CD4 CD25T lymphocytes of individual operation group and combined group patients showed different degrees of increment, but the increment of the combined group was significantly lower than that of the operation group (<0.05). For the combined group patients with less pre-operative CD4 CD25T lymphocytes, their levels would increase after the immunotherapy, while the pre-operative patients with more CD4 CD25 T lymphocytes were the opposite situation. Conclusion: The detection of peripheral blood CD4CD25 regulatory T lymphocyte subset can reflect the anti-tumor immune status of renal cell carcinoma patient body. It can contribute to predict the prognosis of immunotherapy and provide reference for the choice of renal carcinoma post-operative adjuvant immunotherapy.