Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer and CIN3 in Jewish Women in Israel - Two Case Control Studies


Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel


Purpose: The aim of the study was to identify risk and protective factors/markers for cervical cancer and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 3 (CIN3) in Israeli Jewish women in order to settle the discrepancy of low incidence rate of cervical cancer and relatively high incidence rate of CIN3. Materials and Methods: We conducted two case control studies, which examined the association between potential risk and protective factors/markers for cervical cancer or CIN3 using self administered detailed questionnaires. Results: For studying cervical cancer, 40 cases and 40 matched controls were interviewed. In the univariable and multivariable analyses older age, depression or anxiety and ever smoking seemed to act as independent risk factors/markers, while older age at first intercourse was protective. For studying CIN3, 99 cases and 79 controls were interviewed. Multivariable analysis has demonstrated that being born in Israel, depression or anxiety and ever smoking were independent risk factors/markers for CIN3. Conclusions: The risk factors/markers studied, that were associated with cervical cancer or CIN3 among Jewish women in Israel, are similar to those reported in other parts of the world, and do not explain the observed discrepancy of high in-situ cervical cancer rates and low invasive cervical cancer incidence in Israel.