Multiparity and Breast Cancer Risk Factor among Women in Burkina Faso

Document Type : Research Articles


Biomolecular Research Center Pietro Annigoni (CERBA)/LABIOGENE, University of Ouaga1 Pr Joseph KI ZERBO, UFR/SVT, Burkina Faso


The relative lack of information on breast cancer etiology in Burkina Faso led us to undertake the present work to highlight risk factors. This prospective study was conducted using a questionnaire between January 2015 and February 2016 on women admitted to Yalgado OUEDRAOGO hospital, for consultation or supervision. The characteristics of multiparous breast cancer patients (n = 44) were compared with their non-multiparous counterparts (n = 36). The study found that increased risk of breast cancer among non-multiparous cases was related to body mass index (BMI) (p <0.001), age at menopause (p <0.004) and use of oral contraception (p <0.021) while abortion (p <0.002) was a risk factor among multiparous cases. These results suggest that even if multiparity is associated with a decreased risk in some women, avoidance of abortion during reproductive life should be recommended. The results provide preliminary information, which now need to be supplemented by survey of a larger sample in the national territory.