Clinicopathological Features and Survival Data of Localized Renal Masses in Young Adults

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Department of Urology, Medical Faculty, Yuzunci Yıl University, Van, Turkey.


Purpose: Renal tumors are rarely seen in young adults. In this study, was aimed to report the data of 18-40 years old
patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) whom we operated. Material and Method: We retrospectively reviewed
the data of patients between the ages of 18 and 40 years old patients who have renal masses. All patients were evaluated
with chest X-ray, Computed tomography (CT) and/or MRI. Radical or partial nephrectomy was performed for clinical
localized masses with malignancy suspicion. Clinicopathological features and survival data of all the patients were
recorded. In the follow-up protocol routine blood tests, chest X-ray and abdominal CT were used. Results: A total of
42 patients, [22 (52.4%) male and 20 (47.6%) female], with a mean age of 34.48 (range 18 to 40) were included in the
study. Of these, 32 (%76) had RCC and 10 (24%) had benign pathologies. Female patients had more benign pathology
(35% vs 13.6%). The most commonly subtype of RCC (n = 22% 69) was clear cell RCC (cRCC), while the most
common benign mass was oncocytoma (n = 4% 40). At the mean follow-up period of 42.34 months, overall survival rate
was found to be 93.8%. Conclusion: Young adults with localized renal mass have benign pathology in a considerable
rate. All of the malign masses in this population have low Furhman grade (1 or 2).




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