Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 11, November 2018, Pages 3001-3305 
Prognostic Value of NRAS Gene for Survival of Colorectal Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Pages 3001-3008

Yue Hu; Shuang-You Tao; Jie-Min Deng; Zheng-Kun Hou; Jia-Qi Liang; Qiu-Gu Huang; Liang-Hui Li; Hui-Biao Li; Yi-Ming Chen; Hua Yi; Xin-lin Chen; Hui Liu

Determining the Survival Rate of Colorectal Cancer in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Pages 3009-3018

Bahram Tahmasbi; Ghasem Abedi; Mahmood Moosazadeh; Ghasem Janbabai; Fereshteh Farshidi; Kamyar Mansori; Yousef Moradi; Fatemeh Khosravi Shadmani; Serveh Parang; Zaher Khazaei

Overexpression of Regulatory T Cell-Related Markers (FOXP3, CTLA-4 and GITR) by Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Patients with Breast Cancer

Pages 3019-3025

Esmat Khalife; Ali Khodadadi; Abdolhosein Talaeizadeh; Leila Rahimian; Maryam Nemati; Abdollah Jafarzadeh

Effects of a Self-Monitoring Quality of Life Intervention for Patients with Cancer Receiving Palliative Care in Japan: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

Pages 3027-3032

Ayako Matsuda; Yosuke Yamada; Noriko Ishizuka; Eisuke Matsushima; Kunihiko Kobayashi; Takayoshi Ohkubo; Kazue Yamaoka

Low Prevalence of Human Papilloma Virus in Patients with Breast Cancer, Kerman; Iran

Pages 3039-3044

Reza Malekpour Afshar; Negin Balar; Hamid Reza Mollaei; Seyed Alimohammad Arabzadeh; Maryam Iranpour

Socio-Environmental Patterns Associated with Cancer Mortality: A Study Based on a Quality of Life Approach

Pages 3045-3052

Sonia Alejandra Pou; Maria del Pilar Diaz; Guillermo Angel Velazquez

Calculation of Equivalent Square Fields in Radiation Therapy by an Improved Vadash Correction Factor for Collimator Exchange Effects

Pages 3053-3057

Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Nahid Chegni; Marziyeh Tahmasbi; Raziye Fayazi; Jafar Fatahi Asl; Mohammad Ali Behrouz

Comparison of Salivary and Serum Soluble CD44 Levels between Patients with Oral SCC and Healthy Controls

Pages 3059-3063

Seyedali Seyedmajidi; Maryam Seyedmajidi; Ramin Foroughi; Amir Zahedpasha; Zahra Zolfaghari Saravi; Roghayeh Pourbagher; Ali Bijani; Mina Motallebnejad; Ali Monfared Shabestani; Amrollah Mostafazadeh

Tylophorine Abrogates G2/M Arrest Induced by Doxorubicine and Promotes Increased Apoptosis in T47D Breast Cancer Cells

Pages 3065-3069

Nofran Putra Pratama; Septi Wulandari; Agung Endro Nugroho; Nanang Fakhrudin; Puji Astuti; - Sudarsono

Evaluation of Anal Cytology in Women with History of Abnormal Pap Smear, Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia, Cervical Cancer and High Risk HPV for Anogenital Dysplasia

Pages 3071-3075

Maryam Sadat Hosseini; Donya Khosravi; Farah Farzaneh; Abdalali Ebrahimi; Maliheh Arab; Tahereh Ashraf Ganjoie; Farzane Jamdar; Atefeh Moridi; Mohammad Chehrazi

Low Levels of Vitamin D in a Cohort of Women with Impalpable Breast Lesions from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

Pages 3087-3092

Lucas Delmonico; Maurício Augusto Silva Magalhães Costa; Carolina Maria da Azevedo; Rafaele Tavares Silvestre; Luciano Rios Scherrer; Maria Helena Faria Ornellas; Gilda Alves

Therapeutic Benefit of Placentrex in the Management of Acute Chemo Radiation Induced Mucositis in Oral Cancer Patients

Pages 3099-3103

Satish Srinivas Kondaveeti; Divyambika C V; Christopher John; Manickavasagam M; Rajendiran S

Distributed ICSA Clustering Approach for Large Scale Protein Sequences and Cancer Diagnosis

Pages 3105-3109

Thenmozhi K; Karthikeyani Visalakshi N; Shanthi S; Pyingkodi M

Association between Dietary and Lifestyle Indices and Colorectal Cancer in Oman: A Case-Control Study

Pages 3117-3122

Rose N Mafiana; Ahmed S Al Lawati; Mostafa I Waly; Yahya Al Farsi; Maimouna Al Kindi; Mansour Al Moundhri

Factors Affecting Use of Telemedicine and Telesurgery in Cancer Care (TTCC) among Specialist Physicians

Pages 3123-3129

Mohammadreza Maleki; Seyed Masood Mousavi; Omid Khosravizadeh; Mohammad Heidari; Mehdi Raadabadi; Mina Jahanpour

Low Expression of Leucocyte Associated Immunoglobulin Like Receptor-1 (LAIR-1/CD305) in a Cohort of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cases

Pages 3131-3135

Minu Singh; Prateek Bhatia; Jitendra K Shandilya; Amit Rawat; Neelam Varma; Manupdesh Singh Sachdeva; Amita Trehan; Deepak Bansal; Richa Jain; Siddharth Totadri

Improving Anti-Cancer Potentiality and Bioavailability of Gallic Acid by Designing Polymeric Nanocomposite Formulation

Pages 3137-3146

Hanaa Ahmed; Asmaa F Galal; Aziza B Shalby; Ahmed A Abd-Rabou; Fathy M Mehaya

Prevalence of Epstein–Barr Virus Genotypes in Pakistani Lymphoma Patients

Pages 3153-3159

Sadia Salahuddin; jabbar Khan; Joharia Azhar; Christopher B. Whitehurs; Ishtiaq Qadri; Julia Shackelford; Joseph S Pagano; Dost Muhammad; Kristy L Richards

Spatial Analysis of Esophageal Cancer Mortality in a High-risk Population in China: Consistent Clustering Pattern in 1970-74 and 2011-13

Pages 3161-3166

Kou Kou; Xiaolei Guo; Peter Baade; Zilong Lu; Zhentao Fu; Jie Chu; Aiqiang Xu; Jiandong Sun

Oxidants-Antioxidants Profile in the Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7

Pages 3175-3178

Isnaini Isnaini; Nur Permatasari; Karyono Mintaroem; Bunga Prihardina; M Aris Widodo

Campylobacter Concisus and Its Effect on the Expression of CDX1 and COX2

Pages 3211-3216

Behrooz Mozaffari Namin; Mohammad Mehdi Soltan Dallal

Preventive Effects of Fermented Brown Rice and Rice Bran on Spontaneous Lymphomagenesis in AKR/NSlc Female Mice

Pages 3217-3223

Toshiya Kuno; Hiroyuki Kato; Aya Naiki-Ito; Shugo Suzuki; Takuji Tanaka; Satoru Takahashi; Hideki Mori

Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism is Associated with Breast Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis

Pages 3225-3231

Mansour Moghimi; Saeed Kargar; Mohammad Ali Jafari; Hossein Ahrar; Mohammad Hossein Jarahzadeh; Hossein Neamatzadeh; Jalal Sadeghizadeh-Yazdi

Expression of Metallothionein after Administration of Aspirin, Vitamin C or Zinc Supplement in the DMH Induced Colon Carcinoma in Rat

Pages 3237-3244

Pamela Christudoss; Geeta Chacko; Ratnasamy Selvakumar; Jude J Fleming; Srinivasan Pugazhendhi; George Mathew

A Comparative Study of Two Chemo-radiation Regimens for the Cancer of Larynx

Pages 3265-3270

Sharad Singh; S N Prasad; Mangesh Korde; Sunny Kumar; Aditya Elhence; Vaibhav Shakya

Ki-67 Prognostic Value in Different Histological Grades of Oral Epithelial Dysplasia and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Pages 3279-3286

Amer Takkem; Charif Barakat; Safa Zakarea; Khaled Zaid; Johnny Najmeh; Mahdi Ayoub; Mohammad Yaman Seirawan

The Molecular Detection of Human Bocavirus (HBoV) in Colorectal Tissue with Malignant and Non-Malignant Lesions

Pages 3295-3299

Mohammad Hadi Karbalaie Niya; Hossein Ajdarkosh; Fahimeh Safarnezhad Tameshkel; Mahshid Panahi; Maryam Tabasi; Behnaz Bouzari; Mahdi Alemrajabi; Hossein Keyvani