The Effect of Indian Fig Fruit Extract on Human Papilloma Virus containing Cervical Cancer Cells (HeLa) by Decreasing the HPV18 L1 Gene Load

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1 Department of Biotechnology & Health Sciences, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore-641 114, Tamil Nadu, India.

2 School of Science, Arts, Media and Management (SSAMM), Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore-641 114, Tamil Nadu, India.


Background: Global trend is moving towards the use of natural phytochemicals to fight against pathogens. Human cervical cancer is directly associated with onco-potent type of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There is no known medicine for clearance of HPV type whose persistence is the cause of occurrence and re-occurrence of cervical cancer. The different species of fig fruit and their latex are reported to have HPV associated genital warts clearance capability.Methods: In the current investigation, the effect of the methanol extract of Ficus benghalensis L. fruits on HPV type18 viral load in HeLa cell line was tested by doing PCR using HPV L1 primers (MY09/My011) and the cytotoxicity was also analysed by MTT assay. The induction of apoptotic activity in terms of DNA fragmentation and hyper-chromic effects of DNA was analysed. Results: The PCR results showed a reduction in the HPV18 DNA and also the treatment exhibited a promising cytotoxicity with IC50 value at 211.86 μg/ml. The DNA samples from treated HeLa cells showed DNA shearing and laddering as a mark of apoptotic DNA fragmentation (Fig. 2) and the UV absorbance value at 260 nm was found to be significantly (p <0.01) higher in the DNA sample treated with fruit extract compared to the untreated DNA sample. Conclusion: The Ficus benghalensis L. fruit extract reduced the HPV viral load in HPV18 containing HeLa cells and showed an effective cytotoxicity on HeLa cell line. It also could induce the apoptotic activity in HeLa cell line and this study results suggest that the Ficus benghalensis L. fruits can be used to fight against cervical carcinoma, acting on HPV load.


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