Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 4, April 2022, Pages 1103-1444 
1. Correlates of Betel Nut Chewing among Burmese Refugees in Nebraska

Pages 1103-1106

Dejun Su; Mai-Thao Nguyen; Drissa Toure

2. Association of Somatic Gene Mutations with Risk of Transformation into Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Pages 1107-1116

Noorwati Sutandyo; Resti Mulyasari; Agus Kosasih; Ikhwan Rinaldi; Melva Louisa; Andi Putra Kevinsyah; Kevin Winston

3. Use and Applicability of the Gail Model to Calculate Breast Cancer Risk: A Scoping Review

Pages 1117-1123

Kely Paviani Stevanato; Raíssa Bocchi Pedroso; Catia Millene Dell Agnolo; Lander Dos Santos; Fernando Castilho Pelloso; Maria Dalva de Barros Carvalho; Sandra Marisa Pelloso

4. Development and Evaluation of Internet-based Health Technology in Pediatric Oncology: A Scoping Review

Pages 1125-1135

Dwi Novrianda; Fitri Haryanti; Eddy Supriyadi; Luthfan Lazuardi; Elisabeth Siti Herini

5. A Systematic Review on Overall Survival and Disease-Free Survival Following Total Pelvic Exenteration

Pages 1137-1145

Seyed Rouhollah Miri; Setareh Akhavan; Azam Sadat Mousavi; Seyedeh Razieh Hashemi; Shahrzad Sheikhhasan; Amir Almasi-Hashiani; Mohammad Sadegh Fakhari; Arezoo Esmailzadeh

6. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Two Chemotherapy Regiments FAC vs. Taxane for Operable Breast Cancer Patients in Indonesia

Pages 1147-1154

Agusdini Banun Saptaningsih; Umi Sa’adatun Nikmah; Teguh Aryandono; Iwan Dwiprahasto; Jarir At Thobari

7. Clinical Effectiveness of Erlova in EGFR-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: An Affordable Price with Clinical Benefit

Pages 1155-1158

Sharareh Seifi; Babak Salimi; Zahra Esfahani-Monfared; Ramin Radmanesh; Saeed Yaghoubifard; Sara Talebianpour; Adnan Khosravi

8. Hsa-miR-625 Upregulation Promotes Apoptosis in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cell Line by Targeting Integrin-linked Kinase Pathway

Pages 1159-1167

Bahareh Aliabedi; Seyed Hadi Mousavi; Marzieh Ebrahimi; Shaban Alizadeh; Amir Abbas Hedayati Asl; Monireh Mohammad; Sahar Samieyan Dehkordi

10. Development of a School-Based Health Literacy Model for Liver Fluke Prevention and Control Using Participatory Action Research

Pages 1177-1183

Natnapa Heebkaew Patchasuwan; Pannee Banchonhattakit; Nathkapach Kaewpitoon Rattanapitoon; Nathakon Nilnate; Werayuth Srithumsuk; Seksan Heebkaew; Surachai Phimha

12. Prevalence of Sclerotic Pterygoid Plate in Pretreatment Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Pages 1193-1197

Arunnit Boonrod; Warinthorn Phuttharak; Natta Ounjaroen

13. Interaction of Helicobacter pylori Infection with Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking in the Development of Stomach Cancer in Vietnamese Men

Pages 1199-1206

Khanpaseuth Sengngam; Tran Hieu Hoc; Le Hong Phuoc; Dao Viet Hang; Le Tran Ngoan

14. Knowledge, Practice, Preferences and Willingness-to-Pay for Mammographic Screening Tests among Iranian Women: A Contingent Valuation Method

Pages 1207-1213

Akram Karimabadi; Elahe Pourahmadi; Sadegh Bafandeh Imandoust; Afsane Nikoukar; Mehdi Aryafar

15. Evaluation of the Anti-Cancer/Anti-Mutagenic Efficiency of Lavandula officinalis Essential Oil

Pages 1215-1222

Maha A Fahmy; Ayman A Farghaly; Entesar E Hassan; Emad M Hassan; Zeinab M Hassan; Khaled Mahmoud; Enayat A Omara

16. Evaluating the Relationship between Diabetes and Cancer in a Cohort

Pages 1223-1229

Simge Ruhiye Yilmaz Kavcar; Ayla Acikgoz; Gul Ergor; Belgin Unal

18. The Prognostic Role of CD73/A2AR Expression and Tumor Immune Response in Periampullary Carcinoma Subtypes

Pages 1239-1246

Dina Sweed; Mohammad Taha; Sara Abd Elhamed; Asmaa Shams El Dein Mohamed

20. Is Exposure to Social Media Advertising and Promotion Associated with E-cigarette Use? Evidence from Indonesia

Pages 1257-1262

Widya Ratna Wulan; Dian Kusuma; Nurjanah Nurjanah; Aprianti Aprianti; Abdillah Ahsan

21. Evaluation of Safety and Side Effects COVID-19 Vaccine in Cancer Patients Being Treated

Pages 1263-1270

Mozaffar Aznab; Maryam Chalehchaleh; Somayeh Dokoshkani; Maryam Rezaei

22. Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes are Prognostic Factors and Can Be Markers of Sensitivity to Chemoradiotherapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Pages 1271-1278

Hitomi Suzuki; Yohei Kawasaki; Masahito Miura; Haruka Hatakeyama; Kazuhiro Shina; Shinsuke Suzuki; Takechiyo Yamada; Maya Suzuki; Ayumi Ito; Yasufumi Omori

23. Lack of Association between IFN-γ, CXCL10 and TGF-β1 Gene Polymorphisms and Liver Complication in HIV-infected Thais

Pages 1279-1284

Chareeporn Akekawatchai; Khaimuk Changsri; Apikhun Tunkor; Chada Phuegsilp; Thanawan Soimanee; Madtika Fungkraja; Thitiilat Chiraunyanann; Warisara Sretapunya

25. Impact of Polymorphism in Base Excision Repair and Nucleotide Excision Repair Genes and Risk of Cervical Cancer: A Case-Control Study

Pages 1291-1300

Kailas D Datkhile; Pratik P Durgawale; Madhavi N Patil; Rashmi A Gudur; Anand K Gudur; Satish R Patil

26. Quality of Life and Psychological Wellbeing of Colorectal Cancer Survivors in the KSA

Pages 1301-1308

Munir Abu-Helalah; Hani Mustafa; Hussam Alshraideh; Abdullah Ibrahim Alsuhail; Omar A.Almousily; Ruba Al -Abdallah; Ashwaq Al Olayan

27. Attitudes and Beliefs of Cancer Patients Demanding Medical Cannabis Use in North Thailand

Pages 1309-1314

Alongkorn Sukrueangkul; Surachai Phimha; Nitchatorn Panomai; Wongsa Laohasiriwong; Chutikan Sakphisutthikul

28. Comparison of Fine-Tuned Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for the Automated Classification of Lung Cancer Cytology Images with Integration of Additional Classifiers

Pages 1315-1324

Tetsuya Tsukamoto; Atsushi Teramoto; Ayumi Yamada; Yuka Kiriyama; Eiko Sakurai; Ayano Michiba; Kazuyoshi Imaizumi; Hiroshi Fujita

29. Cigarette Consumption and Nutrient Intake in Indonesia: Study of Cigarette-Consuming Households

Pages 1325-1330

Triasih Djutaharta; Nur Hadi Wiyono; Yusnia Monica; Abdillah Ahsan; Dian Kusuma; Nadira Amalia

30. Efficacy of Premedication Protocol without Ranitidine for Taxane Regimen: A Multicenter Non-Randomized Historical Controlled Study

Pages 1331-1336

Chaichana Chantharakhit; Tanarat Ruchakorn; Somprattana Mungkornkaew; Pichyanin Amorntrakoon; Siwadonn Tassanamethee; Pathra Theeratrakul; Nantapa Sujaritvanichpong

31. Brazilin Isolated from Caesalpina Sappan Wood Induces Intrinsic Apoptosis on A549 Cancer Cell Line by Increasing p53, caspase-9, and caspase-3

Pages 1337-1343

Suyatmi Suyatmi; Ambar Mudigdo; Bambang Purwanto; Dono Indarto; Fikar Arsyad Hakim; Dyah Ika Krisnawati

34. Sequencing of Chromosomal Locus 6q25.1 Revealed Two Significant SNPs rs2046210 and rs2046211 Associated with Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study in Egyptian Women

Pages 1359-1364

Marwa H Saied; Mohamed M Rizk; Nedaa Awad Abdelkader El Sayed; Salma Osama Ahmed Mostafa; Salah Marzouk; Haytham Fayed

35. The Impact of Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents on Cytomegalovirus Reactivation in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection

Pages 1365-1372

Reham M Dawood; Ahmed A Gomaa; Mai Abd El Meguid; Essam A Hassan; Ghada M Salum; Hany Mahmoud Fares; Mostafa K El Awady; Eman M Fares; Gamal Esmat

36. Association between Genetic Polymorphisms in MicroRNAs 196a2 (rs11614913) and 34 b/c (rs4938723) and Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian Patients

Pages 1373-1377

Ahmed Amin Ibrahim; Mohamed Abdel-Fattah El-Feki; Mohamed Gamal; Noha A Doudar; Heba Marey; Wael M Abd El Ghany; Nilly Helmy Abdalla

38. Prognostic Relevance of DNMT3A, FLT3 and NPM1 Mutations in Syrian Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Pages 1387-1395

Yahia Moualla; Faten Moassass; Bassel AL-Halbi; Walid Al -Achkar; Michael Georgeos; Haissam Yazigi; Atieh Khamis

39. Dosimetric Importance of Implementing Jaw Tracking Technique in Radiotherapy Treatment Plan Execution

Pages 1397-1403

Hridya V T; D Khanna; Aswathi Raj; Sathish Padmanabhan; Mohandass P

43. Prognostic Value of PD-L1 Immunohistochemical Marker in Gastric Carcinoma and Its Correlation with HER2 Status

Pages 1433-1444

Samar Attia; Amal Abd El Hafez; Azza Abdel-Aziz; Shimaa Elmetwaly; Nagwa Mokhtar