Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 9, September 2017, Pages 2309-2599 
Biomarkers in Tumorigenesis Using Cancer Cell Lines: A Systematic Review

Pages 2329-2337

Lizbeth Raju K; Dominic Augustine; Roopa S Rao; Sowmya S V; Vanishri C Haragannavar; Shwetha Nambiar; Kavitha Prasad; Kamran Awan; Shankargouda Patil

Cervical Cancer Prevention Through HPV Vaccination in Low- and Middle-Income Countries in Asia

Pages 2339-2343

Zheng Quan Toh; Paul V Licciardi; Fiona M Russell; Suzanne Garland; Tsetsegsaikhan Batmunkh; Edward K Mulholland

Association between Microrna 146a and Microrna 196a2 Genes Polymorphism and Breast Cancer Risk in North Indian Women

Pages 2345-2348

Vijay Kumar Bodal; Shruti Sangwan; Manjit Bal; Mohanvir Kaur; Sidarth Sharma; Bhavleen Kaur

Predictors of Colorectal Cancer Knowledge among Adults in the United Arab Emirates

Pages 2355-2359

Shatha Al-Sharbatti; Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil; Jayadevan Sreedharan; Yasien Almosawy

Oral Contraceptive Use May Modulate Global Genomic DNA Methylation and Promoter Methylation of APC1 and ESR1

Pages 2361-2366

Mostafa Moradi Sarabi; Parvin Ghareghani; Fatemeh Khademi; Fatemeh Zal

Adherence to the Tobacco-Free School Policy in Rural India

Pages 2367-2373

Nilesh Chatterjee; Rajashree Kadam; Deepak Patil; Priyamvada Todankar

Deregulation of miR-34a and Its Chaperon Hsp70 in Hepatitis C virus-Induced Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients

Pages 2395-2401

Rasha H Shehata; Soha A Abdelmoneim; A Osman; Ahmed Hassanain; Amany Osama; Sahar S Abdelmoneim; Eman A Toraih

Perceived Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening among Saudi Women at Primary Care Setting

Pages 2409-2417

Shaimaa B Abdel-Aziz; Tarek Tawfik Amin; Mohammed Baqir Al-Gadeeb; Abdullah I Alhassar; Ali Al-Ramadan; Mohammed Al-Helal; Mohammad Bu-Mejdad; Lubna Abdulaziz Al-Hamad; Eman Hussain Alkhalaf

Mammographic Appearances in Mongolia: Causal Factors for Varying Densities

Pages 2425-2430

Delgermaa Demchig; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Khulan Khurelsukh; Asai Ramish; Patrick C Brennan

Screening Cervical Cancer by the Pap Test – Relevance of Age Ranges Recommended by the Brazilian Programme for Prevention and Control

Pages 2431-2435

Diogo do Nascimento Franco; Adriana Cunha Vargas Tomáz; Angela Andréia Franca Gravena; Sandra Marisa Pelloso; Márcia Edilaine Lopes Consolaro

Knowledge and Attitudes towards Cervical Cancer Screening amongst University of Botswana Female Students

Pages 2445-2450

Roy Tapera; Eric Manyala; Patience Erick; Titus M Maswabi; Tshephang Tumoyagae; Bontle Mbongwe; Baemedi Letsholo

Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Lymphocytic Mitochondrial DNA Deletion in Relation to Folic Acid Status in HCV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Pages 2451-2457

Abdel-Rhaman N Zekri; Hosny Salama; Eman Medhat; Sherif Hamdy; Zeinab K Hassan; Yasser Mabrouk Bakr; Amira Salah El-Din Youssef; Doaa Saleh; Ramy Saeed; Dalia Omran

Risk Factors Predicting Colorectal Cancer Recurrence Following Initial Treatment: A 5-Year Cohort Study

Pages 2465-2470

Mohammad Zare-Bandamiri; Mohammad Fararouei; Shadi Zohourinia; Nima Daneshi; Mostafa Dianatinasab

A Polymorphism Located Near PMAIP1/Noxa Gene Influences Susceptibility to Hodgkin Lymphoma Development in South India

Pages 2477-2483

Dimpal N Thakkar; Sunitha Kodidela; Sandhiya Selvarajan; Biswajit Dubashi; Steven Dkhar

Role Playing for Improving Women’s Knowledge of Breast Cancer Screening and Performance of Breast Self-Examination

Pages 2501-2505

Mitra Savabi Esfahani; Fariba Taleghani; Mahnaz Noroozi; Maryam Tabatabaeian

Significance of Compression in Binucleation while Differentiating Reactive Cellular Changes Between Human Papillomavirus and Candida Infections

Pages 2507-2511

Mitsuaki Okodo; kaori okayama; Tadasi Fukui; Natsuko Shiina; Timothy Caniz; Hiromi Yabusaki; Masahiko Fujii

Cytology-Based Screening During Antenatal Care as a Method for Preventing Cervical Cancer

Pages 2513-2518

Paula Bruno Monteiro; Marcelo Praxedes Monteiro Filho; Jéssica Teixeira de Figueiredo; Maria Vieira de Lima Saintrain; Zenilda Vieira Bruno; Francisco Herlânio Costa Carvalho

Prognostic Value of Cancer Stem Cell Markers CD44 and ALDH1/2 in Gastric Cancer Cases

Pages 2527-2531

Fatma Senel; Tuba Dilay Kökenek Unal; Hatice Karaman; Mevlude Inanc; Aynur Aytekin

Policy-Relevant Context of Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking among University Students in Six Countries Across the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A Qualitative Study

Pages 2533-2540

Ramzi G Salloum; Niveen Abu-Rmeileh; Randah Hamadeh; Justin Thomas; Aya Mostafa; Afzalhussein Yusufali; Khalid A Kheirallah; Mark M Macauda; Ryan P Theis; Lama El Kadi; Evan J Johnson; Muhammad W Darawad; Rima Nakkash

Automatic Classification on Bio Medical Prognosisof Invasive Breast Cancer

Pages 2541-2544

Sountharrajan S; Karthiga M; Suganya E; Rajan C

Psychological Distress and Resilience in Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Greece

Pages 2545-2550

Evangelos C Fradelos; Ioanna V Papathanasiou; Aikaterini Veneti; Aristides Daglas; Eleni Christodoulou; Sofia Zyga; Michael Kourakos

The Prognostic Factors of Biochemical Recurrence-Free Survival Following Radical Prostatectomy

Pages 2555-2559

Virote Chalieopanyarwong; Worapat Attawettayanon; Watid Kanchanawanichkul; Choosak Pripatnanont

Distribution and Role of N-acetyltransferase 2 Genetic Polymorphisms in Bladder Cancer Risk in a Lebanese Population

Pages 2561-2568

Rami Nasr; Sally Temraz; Deborah Mukherji; Ali Shamseddine; Reem Akika; Sehrish Abbasi; Raja Khauli; Muhammad Bulbul; Hani Tamim; Nathalie K Zgheib

Risk Factors for Incomplete Excision after Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) in Abnormal Cervical Cytology

Pages 2569-2572

Treerin Yingyongwatthanawitthaya; Watcharin Chirdchim; Chanya Thamrongwuttikul; Panya Sananpanichkul

Human Papillomavirus Investigation in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Initial Report from the Low Risk HPV Types Associations

Pages 2573-2579

Mohammad Hadi Karbalaie Niya; Fahimeh Safarnezhad Tameshkel; Mahshid Panahi; Farah Bokharaei Salim; Seyed Hamid Reza Monavari; Hossein Keyvani

Generalized Linear Mixed Model Analysis of Urban-Rural Differences in Social and Behavioral Factors for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Pages 2581-2589

Kesheng Wang; Xuefeng Liu; Muyiwa Ategbole; Xin Xie; Ying Liu; Chun Xu; Changchun Xie; Zhanxin sha

OPN b and c Isoforms Doubtless Veto Anti-angiogenesis Effects of Curcumin in Combination with Conventional AML Regiment

Pages 2591-2599

Akram Mirzaei; Seyed Hamid Ghaffari; Mohsen Nikbakht; Hosein Kamranzadeh Foumani; Mohammad vaezi; Saeed Mohammadi; Kamran Alimoghaddam; Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh